Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor Kit
  • Monitor temperature and humidity via Meross app anywhere anytime, such as baby's room, refrigerators, basement, etc.
  • Get instant alerts when the temperature and humidity exceeds your preset values. Protect the people or things you care about.
  • Compact size(1.57 x 1.57 x 0.55 in.), thread for fixation, with long range connection(100 ft typical), you can deploy the device easily. 
  • When Temperature or Relative Humidity reach particular value, trigger my meross thermostat or humidifer on/off automatically.
  • View or simply extract the history data, to analyze how those data affect your life.





                               Hardware Features-


Temperature Range 

-10°C~50°C (14°F~122°F

Humidity Range


(Prolonged exposure to >80% RH may create an offset of up to 3% in the readings. 

 This effect gradually reverses after return to <80% RH conditions.)

Battery                              CR2477, typical over 1 year life

1 x Reset button

Insert a pin into the hole and hold for 5 seconds to initiate factory reset process

LED 1 x Status LED
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.55 in. or 40 x 40 x 14 mm
Weight 25g or 0.9 oz

Temperature Accuracy

(0°C~40°C / 32°F~104°F)

±0.3°C / ±0.5°F typical, ±0.5°C / ±0.9°F maximum

Temperature Accuracy

(Full Range)                                       

±0.7°C / ±1.3°F typical, ±1.2°C / ±2.2°F maximum

Humidity Accuracy

(@25°C / 77°F from 20% ~80%) 

±3.0% typical, ±4.5% maximum


Humidity Accuracy

(@25°C / 77°F from 0% ~100%) 


±4.5% typical, ±7.5% maximum


                                   Wireless Features-


Wireless Standard  





Certifications                    FCC, CE, RoHS
Package Contents

1 x Smart sensor

1 x Hub

1 x CR2477 battery

1 x User manual

1 x Double-sided adhesive tapes

1 x Thread

1 x USB cable

1 x Power adaptor

System Requirements Smartphone running iOS 9 or higher, Android 4.1 or higher

Existing Wi-Fi network

Meross smart hub


Storage Temperature: -40°C~70°C (-40°F~158°F)

Storage Humidity: 0%~100%­





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